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How the FDCPA Helps You

Sick of all the calls from debt collection agencies that you have been through lately? Want to learn how to put an end to harassing calls? If these questions apply to you, there are ways to stop the harassment.

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act was set in place almost 20 years ago to regulate United States bill collection. The FDCPA includes restrictions on when, where, and who they are allowed to call as a part of their debt collection process. Unfortunately, many companies ignore FDCPA rules.

With the help of a collection harassment attorney, you can defend yourself. They can help you deal with creditors directly, send a cease and desist letter, or fight incorrect information on your credit report. This type of lawyer can help put an end to these calls, provide useful Wage garnishment attorney Blytheville AR services, and possibly earn you a cash settlement.

Stopping annoying debt collection calls with your lawyer is a lot easier than you may think. They can quickly take a look at your unique situation and figure out to best way to proceed. Call a local, experienced debt collection attorney and learn your right regarding debt collection harassment!

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